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What is IVCATi? The acronym stands for Illinois Valley Community Access to Technology and Information. This is what we do. We operate out of the Illinois Valley in Josephine County, Southern Oregon. We provide access to technology in the form of affordable websites and consulting on many technology topics.

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Highest Recorded Temperature in Moscow, Fires Rage

Amanda Walker for SKY News has reported here that in Moscow "temperatures have reached 38C, the highest in Moscow since records began 130 years ago ... Peat and forest fires were started by the hottest weather in decades."

Properly update content in nodes with node_save($node)

I was using drupal_write_record to update the values for some CCK fields in the database, but this is not working out right at all. When the values are updated, the node seems to be confused about what's going on. They change in the specific cck field record like I've instructed with drupal_write_record, however, the node is then just weird, not showing any value for the field in question, and then filling in the un-altered, original value when editing the node. Meanwhile, the numbers in the cck field record become increasingly messed up as my code is run.

Can't make your node-whatever.tpl.php work?

Done everything right but your node-my-content-type.tpl.php file is just not being invoked? For some reason the Drupal documentation is not so very upfront about this little fact:

Updating records in Drupal: drupal_write_record

Well, I don't know how to do this just yet, but it would sure save me a headache for now. It's very nice how so much of Drupal 6 relies on the database table schemas. This makes working with tables more abstract and less prone to error.

Here is what I have figured out so far. In the code below I'm instructing the computer to make a change to the field field_posters_value in the table content_type_watercolor of the node with nid 2 to 0. It's a mouth full, but it's such a slick function, it deserves to be used widely.


$change = array('field_posters_value' => 0,

Color Zen tabs to match your layout

You can customize the Zen Classic tabs to match the color of your website background color.  The Zen theme for Druapl provides an excellent framework in which to style websites.  In this case, we will use tabs.css, tab background images, a Zen sub-theme, and the Gimp to create colored tabs that match the theme of your Drupal site.

You should be familiar with subtheming for Zen and the Gimp to perform these tasks.